Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lilies and Hearts

It's spring and the Uinta Basin is green. With all the rain and snow, it's staying green for longer than normal. I haven't got a picture of it, but I've been to a few spots where the Sego Lilies are literally carpeting the ground. In all the springs I've spent in the desert, I've never noticed a Pink Sego Lily before, but this year, I've seen plenty.
Also, I found two natural heart shapes within a few minutes of each other.

Heart shaped lichen.Heart shaped cross-section of a bone in pink sandstone (another thing I've never seen in the Basin before).

Sprinkling silica gel,


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Horny Toads Part 3

So here is a bunch of photos of most of the horny toads (Phyrnosoma) I or someone I've been working with have found since I began working in the Uinta Basin. As you may know, horny toads are my favorite animal out there.
This is the first one I ever caught, just a baby.Didn't actually catch this one, but I thought it was the biggest one I'd ever seen.

Until I saw this guy.Thus begins the tradition of placing the horny toad on Dave's hat for a photo. Dave's head was for scale.
Another baby one...
... with Dave's head for scale.

Decent sized specimen. Dave's head for scale.
Dave's head for scale.
Another normal sized one.
Another pretty big one, but still no champ.
Another baby. Dave's hand for scale.
Ashley found a 'buy one get one free' bargain.

Sadly, I didn't get a photo of the one trying to crawl up L.J.'s pant leg. Also, I've never seen them squirt blood from their eyes. I guess I'm not enough of a threat.

Waffles in the toaster,