Friday, June 13, 2008

Truck Bed B-B-Q

Yesterday I had to go out and monitor pipeline construction at the top of a cliff where there is a high probability of finding vertebrate fossils. Due to the inherent danger of having heavy machinery at the top of a 500 ft. cliff, I had to dress like this.

This is the view from the top, a little above where the actual excavation was taking place. My 4-Runner is the little red speck in the center.

I spent the morning with a group of Mexican laborers watching a couple of track hoes move a lot of dirt and rock. We talked and had a good time. The American higher-ups show up from wherever they were a little before noon and say "Come on Paleo, it's lunch time!" So I climb back down the cliff where they've arranged all the pick-ups with the tail gates down and facing each other. (Incidentally, my 4-Runner was the only vehicle that wasn't a full size pick-up.) A few of the workers were busy grilling up some burgers and onions. They had a full on barbecue going complete with spicy Doritos and baked beans. Sorry I didn't get any photos of it. Life in the oil fields is great.

It's a sentimental lovely day,



Mama said...

Hey Paleo, I like your nickname! And did you climb all the way up there or did you get a ride in a helicopter?

Big Papi said...

I clumb up there. We all does.

becca said...

Hey big papi, why the nickname paleo?