Friday, December 05, 2008

The cliff that nearly killed me and the cliff that saved me.

Back when I first started my current job as a paleontological surveyor, I had to go to this area to monitor construction on the evaporation ponds you can see in the background. To get there, I had to drive this road, only it didn't look the same back then. Back then, there was no barrier on the right and it wasn't paved. The surface was entirely composed of quarter-sized pebbles. Anyway the second day I worked on this job, I was driving down that hill a little to fast. I was also driving down that hill in two-wheel drive (instead of four-wheel drive). I lost control and began to fishtail. There was a very good possibility that I would go over the cliff on the right side. Luckily I didn't and I crashed into the upper side of the cliff on the left. I've got a nice dent in the bumper and skid plate to show for it too.

So today, I was surveying some proposed wells in this same area and I saw the improvements done on the cliff of life and death. It's really nice that they thought of me and made it safer in case I ever had to go down there again.

Wearing a tutu,



Mama said...

Improvements. LIfe is full of improvements. And what color is your tutu?

Big Papi said...

Blue, green, and purple. There now are photos of it on the family blog.

Mama said...

oh goodie, I'll check.

becca said...

Glad you didn't die out there...Seriously, how long would it take for someone to find you???? BE CAREFUL!

Great seeing you and your beautiful girls last week. All 3 of them.

Big Papi said...

As soon as I calmed down and turned the truck around, a few guys working at the evaporation ponds came to see if I was okay. They saw the whole thing. How embarrassing.