Tuesday, February 24, 2009

25 Random Things

I finally succumbed to the peer pressure. Everybody's doing it. I just refuse to tag anyone.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

1. I have three superpowers.
2. I have the power of flight.
3. I have the power to kill a yak at 200 yards... with MIND BULLETS!!!
4. I have the power to move you.
5. I'm dendrophobic.
6. I have only 9 toe nails.
7. I love the Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan but I've never read the books. I listen to the audiobooks.
8. I'm stoked that Brandon Sanderson is writing the final book in the series.
9. I get to play in the dirt for a living.
10. I get paid to look for fossils.
11. I lick rocks.
12. I eat dust.
13. Used to play Magic: The Gathering and blow all my money on buying cards.
14. My name is Dan and I'm addicted to video games. (Hi Dan.) I've been sober since Thanksgiving. (Scattered Applause)
15. I have nightmares where my teeth get loose and fall out. No, that's all that happens. Yes, they are really nightmares where I wake up all sweaty and scared.
16. I've seen the sun rise and set on the same day more times this past year than probably all other times in my life combined.
17. I dance when no one is looking.
18. I used to be a substitute teacher and I enjoyed it. Too bad it doesn't pay the bills.
19. I get woken up every morning by a one year old, red-head, eagle-screamer.
20. I am the inspiration for the song My Front Porch Looking In by Lonestar.
21. I love to hug my daughter, The Bean, because she struggles and tries to get away.
22. I eat toast for breakfast every day and when we're out of bread, I turn to the dark side.
23. I wish that I could play at will the song Soulful Strut by Young-Holt Unlimited for all to hear while I walk.
24. I'm super lucky because I married a super hottie.
25. I realized that all of these could be new stati on facebook.

Stay in Love,

P.S. I hope you don't feel like this.


Mama said...

Well,Joy, we all have our sad moments.

Amanda said...

I love the fact that since some of them are OBVIOUSLY true, I am wondering if the others are true as well. I know you fly, but do you really get woken up by a red-headed eagle? Hmmmm- not sure!

Faith said...

Well, I bought some more bread (and jam) so you can come back from the dark side and enjoy the force again.

Mama said...

Is dendrophobic a real word?

Big Papi said...

I really do get woken up by a red-headed eagle-screamer. She seems to know when I set the alarm and preempts it. The photo at the end of the post is of her.

Dendrophobic is a real word. It's the irrational fear of trees.

Mama said...

Thanks. I couldn't find it in the online dictionary...fear of trees, huh?

Big Papi said...

Yup. Afraid of trees. I always feel safer when I'm running away from them. I think they might eat me.

Carterista said...

I can honestly say you are good entertainment.

John said...

Interesting. In some ways you are still the same as when we were in 5th grade. Ha ha. (I mean that in a good way)