Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Random Photos from the Camera While at Work

Birthday Cake Stratigraphy - The cake is capped with a bed of strawberry frosting. Above the capping bed are small outcrops of white frosting rich in modern gummy bear remains. Beneath the capping bed are alternating beds of red velvet cake and strawberry ice cream. Within the beds of strawberry ice cream are abundant gummy bear fossils.
Good looking truck - I named it The Fumigator.Fossil Turtle Skull - I finished preparing it today. It's probably Apalone. It's from the Bridger Formation of Wyoming. Fossil Turtle skulls are rare all over the world.

You're my angel,



Amanda said...

I love how all your photos are totally related!! Randomness is amazing! And the cake does look delicious!

Carterista said...

So cool that you got to work on the turtle fossil, then.

burkitos said...

I wanna piece of that cake!!!

becca said...

Went and saw some dinosaur bones today and thought of you, my brother. I told everyone what you do and they all thought I was cool for having a brother like that. I think so, too. :)