Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Dem Bones

Here is a humerus a coworker began and I finished. It was found near the two skulls I prepared. I think it belongs to the Sphenocoelus intermedius but it could be something completely different.This is the humerus that besieged me. It's from a completely different area, but it belongs to an Amynodon advenus.This is an astragalus (ankle bone) which was found practically articulated to the next fossil.
These next two photos are of an atlas (first neck bone after the skull). The astragalus was jammed up right underneath it on the right side. As I prepared it, I had a hard time figuring out what the bone was because I thought the two were one.
I can't get a positive ID on these two, but I suspect that they're also from an Amynodon advenus.
I'm also in the process of preparing two skulls, one at BYU, and another in Vernal. I know the one at BYU is an Amynodon and I'm pretty sure the other one is too. One of my other coworkers prepared another Amynodon skull earlier this year so that's four. I wonder how many more we'll find before the year is out.

Rollin' with the rhinos,


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