Tuesday, January 04, 2011

What does 63 mean?

A conversation this morning.

Grace: Dad, what does 63 mean?
Dan: 63 is a number. 63 is 9 times 7.
Faith: Sometimes you have a hard time speaking in layman's terms.
Dan: How am I supposed to answer that question?
Faith: What was the question?
Dan: "What does 63 mean?"

What DOES 63 mean?,



burkitos said...

Ha Ha Ha! I would say that 63 is a number like 1 or 2. If I had a lot of blocks or crayons I could count them one by one and see how many I had. If I had a lot, maybe I could count all the way to 63! I think it would work with toes and fingers, too, b/c you have enough of those in your family!

I am a mother! said...

I would say it is six sets of tens and three ones and then show it to her using those connected cube thingies.