Thursday, May 19, 2011

Amynodon advenus, Part 4

I feel kinda silly posting more photos of another Amynodon advenus but that's what I've been preparing. For some reason over the past year and half, we've found a lot of them and a lot of Sphenocoelus skulls too. Another Amynodon was found and prepared (not by me), and we've got two more Sphenocoelus skulls at the office that were recently found.
Remember an Amynodon is closely related to a rhinoceros and Sphenocoelus is a brontothere (looks like a rhino but is related more closely to a horse). Rhinos, horses, and brontotheres are all perissodactyls which is a group of hooved animals that all have an odd number of toes. The only other living members of this group are tapirs, though there are several other extinct perissodactyl groups like the freaky awesome chalicotheres.
So anyway, this Amynodon was found near this Sphenocoelus.
First day of prep
Last day, prep complete
Odd toes,


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