Thursday, October 19, 2006


So there was this rabbi who went out as a missionary to teach a tribe of people called the Twids. The rabbi spent his time with them and was fully accepted and loved by them. Yet, the Twids were unresponsive to his message. He toiled with the Twids and taught the Twids, and they wouldn't convert from their Twid traditions.
The rabbi grew discouraged with his lack of success and decided to travel to the other side of the mountain where another tribe called the Frinests lived. The only trail that would take him over was up to the very top of the mountain and back down the other side. As he prepared for his journey over the mountain, the Twids told him of a wizened old man who lived at the top of the mountain. In order to pass him you must ask him a riddle. If he could answer the riddle, he would kick you off the mountain. You had to ask a riddle that he could not answer in order to pass him.
Feeling confident, the rabbi began his journey up the mountain. As he climbed, he thought of a riddle that the old man at the top of the mountain couldn't possibly answer. He picked up three small pebbles and put them in his pocket, the old man could never guess how many he had hidden in there. So he reached the top of the mountain and approached the old man who was cooking his hot dog on a little fire up there. The rabbi approached him and said "Old man, how many pebbles do I have in my pocket?" The old man replied without looking up, "Three." Astonished, the rabbi curled up into a little ball in an attempt to minimize any damage from being kicked off the mountain. And he braced himself for the big kick.
Nothing happened. The rabbi peeked out at the old man who was still cooking his hot dog. The rabbi asked "Aren't you going to kick me off the mountain? You answered my riddle correctly."
The old man replied, "You silly rabbi, kicks are for Twids."

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