Monday, October 09, 2006


"When is you the most scar-ed?" - Kirsten Thompson

The time I was the most scared was probably when I was a missionary in Immokalee, FL. My companion, Elder Smith, and I were riding our bikes home late one night, when we rounded the corner and passed a dumpster. Neither of us had lights of our bikes so the racoons feasting in the dumpster didn't hear or see us until it was too late. Elder Smith was infront of me and hit the last racoon with the front wheel of his bike. He flew over the front of his handlebars and smashed his face into the asphalt. I thought he was really messed up and was really worried. But we got him to the nearest hospital (an hour away) and he was fine. It was fun seeing everybody's looks of gaping horror when they saw him as they entered church the following day.

My 'a-ha' moment for today happened when I realized that I know nothing about making good figures. I can interpret most of the bad ones, after a few minutes of intense pondering so I don't see the problem. :-> I am excited to get to know how to use Adobe Illustrator, though.

I'm still confused about Adobe Acrobat Professional. I was late to class today and missed some important stuff. I really didn't understand using bookmarks, but I have to admit, I wasn't paying much attenion for that part.

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Kirsten said...

Come see me for the Acrobat stuff - much of what I showed that day was FYI stuff most people will forget anyway.