Friday, February 29, 2008

Translation Experiment

I decided to make this post an experiment. I wrote a regular blog rant and then proceeded to use various online translators to see what would happen. This is what happened to the post.

English to Spanish (Babel Fish)
Spanish to English (
English to Japanese (Wordlingo)
Japanese to English (Free Translation)
English to Japanese (Google Translate)
Japanese to English (Bable Fish)
English to Dutch (
Dutch to English (Free Translation)

This is the final product.

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Can you guess what the original post was about? I'll post the original English text in a few days.



Mama said...

Well, Dan, the orginal post must have been about a Dad putting socks on a baby or babies taking their socks off or something like.

So when do we get the real scoop?

Carterista said...

Amazing how accurate computer programs can be.