Thursday, April 03, 2008

This is 100% Real

Hey do you think he would say yes if I asked him out.

Uh ya! If he danced w/ u he would! :)

Should I then?

Heck ya!!! lol im hyper!

Me too! (o's in 'too' turned into a google-eyed smiley)

k good! lol wow that was great! He is so wierd! :) ... but entertaining!

Ya! but do I just go up and ask him?? like in English.

idk! Do what you want! sure...

cause it seems like they say no when ur friends ask right!

sometimes. My friends asked Cooper 4 me! But I didn't even know they were!

Ya but that's different ----> (arrow indicates the note continues on opposite side of paper)

idk I think I'll ask him myself

ok! HaHa! Wait. Matt Stevens? Is that who it is? sorry.

Yes is that weird?

No why would it be?

IDK Wyatt kina freaks m out! Yikes

Haha ya! Me too!!!

Is passing a note to Matt Retarded or not?!!

I had fun tracking this one down. The trick is in the timing. You have to let the note get passed enough times to become interesting otherwise it's just a strangely folded piece of paper with one line on it.

Names have not been changed to protect the innocent,



Mama said...

sneaky, Dan. You let the notes pass so you can get the fun info! Smart!

becca said...

Shawn and I are busting our guts right now. He wants to know if you read it in front of the whole class.....

Carterista said...

Sweet! You've got skills!

Fatha Dan said...

No, I didn't read it in front of the class. That would be embarrassing not just for the girls but for me too. I waited until they had all gone to read them.

Faith said...

Too funny!