Sunday, May 04, 2008

Irony on the Job

A conversation that may or may not have taken place while sitting in the company truck.

Scott: You know what drives me crazy about this job?

Darrin: No, what?

Scott: Well, when I'm done working, I don't want to think about fossils anymore.

Darrin: Why do you say that?

Scott: Last night, when I was eating dinner with Alvin and Theodore, all they could talk about was all the fossils they had found. And all I wanted to do was watch the hockey game. There comes a point when it's too much.

Darrin: Yeah, I know what you mean. When I'm done looking for fossils, I don't keep on thinking about fossils. I have other interests and other things to occupy my time. Fossils aren't my life.

Scott: Yeah, they don't define who I am.

Then they looked in the truck tape player and found this:

What's the soundtrack of your life?



Mama said...

And where was Simon? You had Alvin and Theodore there. Or were they men that were talking and not chipmunks?

Mama said...

The sound track of my life is The Sound of Music.

becca said...

I think Alvin and Theodore were code names Dan was using in case the conversation DID take place.

The sound track to my life is Joy Spring. I listened to it all throughout college. I scratched the CD and need a new one.

Carterista said...

I don't know what my sound track would be, but I SUPER LOVE those pictures of "Mars." I'm jealous it wasn't me taking them! Really. I am.