Saturday, July 19, 2008


I recently got four flat tires on my 4Runner in the past two weeks. First there was a nail in one tire and I got that fixed. Then about a week later, I found that I had two flats at the same time after driving on poorly maintained dirt/gravel roads for an hour. One was a mystery as to what made it go flat, but the tire was destroyed anyway so I guess it doesn't matter. The other had a nail in it an was down to about 10 psi. So I got those fixed (a story worthy of it's own post). Then a few days later as I was driving home, I heard a terrible clanking noise directly beneath me followed by the dreaded thumping noise made by a flat tire. I pulled over and started checking my tires out but they all looked fine. I heard a loud hissing noise coming from somewhere and finally I noticed a nut sticking out of my right rear tire. Well, it wasn't just a nut. It was this.
One, two, seven, eight, ten,



Mama said...

I think your truck is magnetized and is picking up things as it goes along!

Big Papi said...

I don't mind just as long as they quit piercing my tires or any other vital parts.

Faith said...

I think when we run out of old tires it is time for Big O lifetime warranty ones...if they include free tickets to D-Land that would be great too!

becca said...

We have those lifetime warantee ones...well, at least I think we do since we get them changed for free every time we go. Nice deal.

Do you get reimbursed for these kinds of things or is it like an occupational hazard thing for your car?

Big Papi said...

I get paid 50¢ per mile I drive on the job so that's supposed to cover gas and other repairs and maintenance.