Sunday, July 13, 2008


This past week I got to monitor construction in Wyoming. You know how the Utah rectangle has a big chunk taken out of it in the north east corner of the state? Well, that's the part of Wyoming I was in. Anyway, I found two baby birds in the road as it was being built. I moved them out of the way of construction, but still felt bad because I knew they were probably going to die and there wasn't much I could do for them. As the day continued, I noticed a very large herd of cattle approaching. It came in two waves. A couple of cows from the first wave are in the foreground and the bulk of the second wave is in the background.This herd had at least four bulls which made me nervous especially when one stared at me for a solid minute. But they moved on... right across the well pad under construction. You can't really tell, but the bulldozer and scraper are still in motion. They didn't really slow down at all for the cows... or the bulls and calves for that matter. To sum up, here's a shot of my manly vehicle with a bull to the left of it. Can't you just see the testosterone oozing out of your computer screen?
My mama said thick or thin,



Mama said...

Being out in the fresh air has made your hands tan. You lucky guy, you have nature as your companion every day! Ü

Faith said...

I love that you care about the baby birds. Awwww....come home to me so that I can kiss you!