Friday, August 08, 2008

Farmer's Tans

I get to spend a lot of time outside. Consequently, I have a pretty good farmer's tan. Grace inherited my skin and she tans really well too. Her farmer's tan isn't as clear as mine, but it's still there. I had to hold her still so Faith could snap the photo. If you know Grace, she hates being confined in any way.

On the road to nowhere,



Faith said...

Grace is lucky! She is going to be a petite, tan, blond. You had better clean your gun when the boys come over to take her out. ;-)

Mama said...


Holly and Ryan said...

Hey man,
I think you and Grace got a good farmer's tan. Try this, I drive a lot and spend a ton of time in the sun for work. So, that means that my left arm is darker than my right arm. It looks funny when I fold my arms because of the difference. But really I think it is cool that grace is starting down the farmer tan tradition.