Saturday, August 02, 2008

Paleo Survey

A paleontological survey is required for any new construction of roads, well pads, or pipelines. So that's what I do. To do a paleo survey you need a 4WD vehicle. The gas fields are about an hour from Vernal but often you drive two to get to the site for a survey. You keep track of time and miles driven for each job and have to take notes and pictures. You take notes on the legal description (where the project is located and where it goes and stuff), notes on the geology (what rocks and stuff are there), and notes on the paleontology (what fossils are there). The pictures are taken to prove that you were there. First you take a picture of the beginning of the access road.Then you take a picture of the pipeline tie-in.Then you take a picture where the access road enters the well pad.You take a pictures of any fossils you might find. If it's not on Indian reservation land, you can collect anything that might be significant. It will end up in a museum, most likely BYU's Earth Science Museum. Finally, you take a picture of the center stake and sign it as further evidence that you were there so you can move onto the next thing.This is the most basic and common thing I do for work besides monitor construction which is another story. A much longer, more boring, and dangerous one.

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Mama said...

Interesting!There certainly is a lot of nothing out there!Can't wait to read about the other stuff you do, the boring,dangerous stuff. Ü

Faith said...

I'm glad we finally had an excuse to get a good digital camera for your job.

becca said...

How do you know if there are fossils there??? Wouldn't that take a long time to find any?