Thursday, February 15, 2007

"Is it Bernard?"

Have you ever been mistaken for someone else? Maybe it happens to other people more often, but it's never happened to me before, until yesterday.
So I was walking from my Folklore class to my Chemistry class and as I rounded a corner, this guy looks at me, stops, and says "Is it Bernard?" Realizing that he's talking to me, I stop and look at him. Then he repeats the question "Is it Bernard?" I give him a confused look wondering what he's talking about when I realize he's asking if I'm Bernard. I slowly say "No, it's Dan." But he just keeps on looking at me like he's still half-expecting to have a conversation with me as I turn and walk away.
I thought to myself, why would he think I looked like Bernard? Was I making some sort of strange expression with my face? Did my hair look like Bernards from being mashed down by my beanie? Was it the fact that I hadn't shaved for 4 days? Was it the way members of some secret organization identify each other? Or do I just amazingly resemble Bernard? I began to wonder myself if it wasn't really Bernard after all, but as I rounded the next corner, I recieved a friendly slap on the shoulder from a mission buddy who let me know that I really am who I think I am and not Bernard.



P.S. I thought of some other closing lines like 'Bernarderiffic', 'Bernardtastic', 'Bernardfully', and 'With warm Bernards'.

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