Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Time Waster

I have an excuse for the extended hiatus. I've been extremely lazy when I haven't been extremely busy. So as promised, I will reveal the "most random thing [I was] doing during class time instead of listening to [Kirsten's] lesson." Now that grades for last semester have been submitted, I can reveal that without risking a hit to my GPA. (Even though I know that Kirsten doesn't always pay attention in her classes either.)

A long time devotee of video games, I delight in the subtle tricks and strategies which when employed will allow me to gain an advantage over my opponent’s intelligence both artificial and human. Some time last semester, my brother-in-law introduced me to an online video game that promises both fast gameplay and maximum fun. I introduce you to Chaos Faction! I must confess that I spent at least part of one class period playing this little delight. If you chose to follow the link and sacrifice some time, you'll understand what I'm talking about. My favorite character to be is Merilli. He's got Gorilli's body and hands with Mechalo's eyes, and Cowboy's feet. I have the best mojo with him.

I know that playing video games during class isn't really a "random" thing to do, but by far this was the most interesting and entertaining thing I did during class ... besides participate and learn of course.

Can't kick the habit,


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