Saturday, October 25, 2008


Over the summer I gained a strong appreciation for the beauty of the desert. We generally think of the desert as barren and lifeless. But it's quite the contrary. I think that through my posts we've seen that there is an abundance of life there. I haven't even seen or been able to photograph most of it.
Anyway, what I want to get at is not just how surprised I've been at the beauty of the desert, but specifically the flowers I've seen. It's amazing to me that plants living in such an arid region would expend so much energy producing flowers so lush and moist. But I guess if one of your primary goals in life is reproduction, the flower is quite important and worth the energy.

Get ready to ignite,


P.S. The first four were taken with our old camera so the quality isn't that good.


Faith said...

Very pretty. Thanks for sharing.

Carterista said...

Gorgeous! What is that second one? It looks almost orchidish.

Mama said...

Gee, I love all of them, especially the main one with the yellow tree in the rocks. Beauty is everywhere. We've seen some gorgeous scenery and trees and land this trip. What a wonderfully diverse place this earth is.

Big Papi said...

I'm pretty sure it's a sego lily.