Sunday, October 19, 2008

More Facial Hair

So i mentioned in the previous post that I would have like to do weird things to my facial hair. These guys are my inspiration. My heroes if you will.
Willi Chevalier
Stefan Gölz
Memili Rüstüoglu
Karl-Heinz Hillekalle
Ian Grahm
Heinz Christophel
Alois Plettl
Alf Jarrold
One, two, three, four, fight,



Faith said...

I will not kiss with a monkey!

Carterista said...

Faith, that totally made me laugh!

Dan, back then they only had to get through swinging doors. How will you get through our modern, small bathroom doors?

Mama said...

How do those men eat!

Holly and Ryan said...

Do they shampoo and brush? Nasty...

Ryan and I both laughed out loud.

Big Papi said...

Drink through a straw. Take small bites of food always with a fork. Turn sideways to get through doors. Spend as much time on facial hair grooming as your wife does on her hair each morning. I think that about covers it. There is even a line of hair products specifically designed for outrageous facial hair.