Thursday, October 30, 2008


These are the pictures I took today in the order that I took them.You were such a P.Y.T.,



Melissa Burk said...


Big Papi said...

Pretty Young Thing. It's a song lyric. The last 5 posts have had successive lines from the same song. The next three will continue the theme.

So has anyone noticed that in the last photo, the rock outcrop looks like a guy with a cap on with his mouth open?

I did.

Mama said...

Yes, I noticed the guy profile! I also noticed that the oild pumpy thing looked like a dinosaur skeleton and that the other photo looked like people on top of a table or something and also a big monster foot with lots of an elephant, depending on which way you look at it.

Carterista said...

Like an ogre. I love them! You must be having a great time with your camera! You'll have quite the album. Maybe you could publish something about Eastern Utah or give the photos to an author who will write about the area..

becca said...

I love thinking of you out there in the dessert finding all of these beautiful things, Dan. I love even more that you share them.