Saturday, April 04, 2009

Wake Up

I don't know if this happens to anyone else (Faith says it's weird) but every morning for the last while, I've woken up with a song already playing in my head. I decided that it would make an interesting blog post (for me) to write down the songs for each day. Here they are:

Tue, Mar. 24, 2009 - Friends in Low Places - Garth Brooks
Thu, Mar. 26, 2009 - Upside Down - Pound
Fri, Mar. 27, 2009 - Let's Get Married - Al Green
Sat, Mar. 28, 2009 - Changes - Phil Ochs
Sun, Mar. 29, 2009 - Carrying the Banner - Newsies
Mon, Mar. 30, 2009 - Oompa Loompa Song from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Tue, Mar. 31, 2009 - Purple - Fat Amy
Wed, Apr. 1, 2009 - Saints and Sailors - Dahsboard Confessional
Thu, Apr. 2, 2009 - I'll Follow You into the Dark - Death Cab for Cutie
Fri, Apr. 3, 2009 - Oklahoma - Texas Line - Rascal Flatts
Sat, Apr. 4, 2009 - Take it Easy (Love Nothing) - Bright Eyes

What I find interesting is that these are songs that I don't listen to a lot, I don't even particularly enjoy some of them. I don't even have the Oompa Loompa Doopa Dee Doo song on my iPod. (Maybe I should get it.) Also, I haven't listened to the March songs recently, but the April ones, I have. I wonder if my decision to record them made any influence. Anyway,




Amanda said...

That happens to me very rarely, but it's interesting when it does happen. And it's never my particular favorite songs either. Weird. (my code is pushydr- aren't all dr's pushy? or do they mean ob-gyn?)

Melissa Burk said...

That's interesting. Sometimes I get songs in my head, but I don't know if it happens in the morning. I'm curious now.

You should get Oopma Loompa.

Carterista said...

Do you remember your dreams? Maybe you have background music in them. Maybe you were dream of being an Oompa Loompa...

I stopped listening to my ipod recently because I couldn't get the song OUT of my head. So annoying. Books on ipod might be a better deal for me.

Mama said...

Hmm, interesting. Hope you are enjoying all the music, Dan. Ta da da da.

Big Papi said...

Each day at work that I'm able, I've been listening to a session of conference on my iPod. They are totally free on the church website. It's been a huge blessing to have two hours of spirituality during the day that I otherwise couldn't have.
Also, I've been a fan of audiobooks for a couple years now. I get them from the library and import them to my iPod. Then when I'm done, I just delete them so I don't have to worry about listening to them before they are due.
I remember some dreams, but I usually forget them soon after I wake up. The songs in my head usually pop in as I'm waking up.

Mama said...

I hear hymns all the time. Guide Me Oh Thou Great Jehovah is the last one, but sometimes I get them in Spanish and then I seem to mix up the words, but the music is nice floating around up there. I think I must walk to the beat when I'm trekking that mile to and from work every day.

becca said...

That happens to me, too!!!!! We must be related. My dreams are filled with music.

2 conferences ago I started watching one talk a day (I record conference on the TV)and it has really blessed my days, too.