Monday, November 13, 2006


When I was a kid, I didn't have many new toys. I'm the youngest of 7 kids and everything I played with was pretty much a hand-me-down. (At least that's what I remember.) As a result, I read a lot of books. I still like books and just wish I had more time to read. I've found out that books on tape are great especially when you have to commute.
Anyway, I digress. My favorite game when I was a kid was this marble game. I don't know what it was really called or who makes it. After search online for approximately 3.7 minutes, I was unsuccessful in finding the exact game I had, but there are similar things called "Marble Run" out there.
The premise behind this game was building a track upon which you put your marbles. Gravity would do the rest and your marbles would roll down your creation. I literally spent hours with this game. Just don't use marbles that are too big because they'll get stuck and that can be aggravating. Amazingly, my Mom kept it after all these years, and my nieces and nephews love to play with it when they visit my parent's house.

I will swim to you if you will swim to me,


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