Thursday, September 28, 2006

1am Feeding

I guess I also should have mentioned my tendency to procrastinate when I talked about a bad habit that got me into trouble, but half of the Geol 230 class already talked about that. Anyway...
So last night, I started a lab for one of my classes. It's due today and we were supposed to start working on it two weeks ago. I procrastinated pretty badly. My daughter was pretty much cranky all day and my wife had had a hard day too. I'm not sure, but I think those two things are somehow related. Since I was going to be up late anyway, I took Grace. So Faith was able to get some much needed sleep. Eventually Grace fell asleep, which was nice because then I could seriously work on my lab. At about 1 am, Grace woke up ravenous. So I fed her and stuff. It was pretty nice to spend some time with her all alone and quiet like that despite the fact that she wasn't in a very good mood.
I finished my lab at around 3am and fell asleep. Today is gonna be a pretty hard day, but I know I brought it on myself. I fully accept responsibility for my actions and will still do everything today as planned (work and school). Let it be a lesson learned in the failings of procrastination.
I'm sure my fanatic readers all have more impressive stories of times when they were up for 4 days in a row studying for the test that would make or ruin the rest of their lives, but I don't really want to hear about it. Thanks in advance.

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kirsten said...

Once my husband procrastinated writing a paper until the night before it was due. Now that doesn't sound ALL that bad but it was a 30 page paper, the next day was my birthday, and the best of all - he can't type! It was due at 8 am so all night long he would write a page then come wake me up so I could type it up for him (we didn't have home computers back then, just electronic typewriters). Then I'd go back to bed and in 1/2 hour he'd wake me up again for another page.